Case del Baglio

Le Case del Baglio

Inside the ‘baglio’, the typical courtyard of the Sicilian country villas, you will find the old housing of the sharecropping families who worked on the estate, intact testimonies of the ancient farmer life.

Casa delle Rose

The atmosphere is typical of ancient farmer’s houses and and Sicilian history: during the Bourbon era the members of the Royal Gendarmerie resided here, they patrolled the territory and were occupied with catching bandits and controlling riots… Continue reading

Casa del Prete

Once the home for the priest who served the local community and performed Sunday services in the family chapel… Continue reading

Casa della Mannira

It is named this after its view of the ‘mannira’, a protected internal courtyard used to shelter the herds of sheep at night… Continue reading

Casa del Massa Vito

The old residence of the last custodian of the Villa, who lived there until the mid-1980s… Continue reading

Casa dei Tutù

This was the residence of the “Tutu’s”, the family of loyal sharecroppers that remained in the heart of the Rosso family… … Continue reading

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