The Main House

The Main House

The old country residence of the Rosso Cosenza family maintains the prestige and atmosphere of the past. It is composed of three independent suites with private bathroom and a shared kitchen. You have the option to reserve the entire place if traveling in a group.

The Libeccio Rooms

Once a common area for the family to pass time and receive guests, enjoying the splendid view of the “Garden” that is, the ancient orange grove that grew around it.
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The Scirocco Rooms

The Scirocco rooms were once reserved for important guests of the Rosso Cosenza family… Continue reading

The Zefiro Rooms

These rooms were once the study and library, an office and a place of business, where the affairs of the estate were managed… Continue reading

Not just hospitality

From the olive harvest to the traditional cooking classes. We are ready to help you live our traditions.