A family tradition

25 hectares of land, 2500 specimens of centuries-old olive trees and an oil with excellent characteristics.

The Rosso Cosenza family & olive oil

The Rosso Cosenza family, who lived in the southeast of Sicily for centuries, were the owners of important estates and land holdings, including centuries-old olive groves, magnificent vineyards and ancient citrus groves (the latter, the only plantations present in the Ragusa area in the 19th century). The family was linked by marriage to important baronial families of the Hyblaean and Calatino territories, themselves feudal lords of extensive possessions. One of the most important estates was certainly that of the Zottopera, in the territory of Chiaramonte Gulfi. Over 300 years later it still belongs to the Rosso Cosenza family, a rare example of tradition and historical continuity. The estate currently consists of over 2500 centuries-old olive trees, some dating back to the late 12th-century Norman Sicily and many others dating back to the 15th century. The olive variety is the extremely rare and highly prized “Tonda Iblea” of Chiaramonte.

The company

The company headquarters is in the old building of “Villa Zottopera”. The oil is certified PDO of the Monti Iblei-Gulfi sub-area, this is the heart of an area with a strong olive-growing vocation. Our oil is extracted from the ‘Tonda Iblea’ olives, which, today just as always, is appreciated by connoisseurs worldwide. It has won several awards at prestigious trade fairs held in the early twentieth century.

Today, just like the past, our family follows the cultivation of olive groves and the production of oil with care, passion and skill, in accordance with organic farming methods.

The company now produces only the highest quality olive oils, destined for the most demanding and sought-after world markets; extreme quality is the result of several factors:

  • the precious variety of olive from which the oil is obtained;

  • the particular nature of the soil (the soil or terroir) which gives the oil unique aromas and scents;

  • the sun and the clean air of Sicily;

  • the olive harvesting techniques (rigorously picked by hand, one by one and pressed within the eight hours following the harvest);

  • the refined oil conservation techniques (stored in a cool place, in stainless steel containers and in the absence of air and light).


Our oil “Villa Zottopera”, which takes its name from the estate, has achieved a notoriety that goes beyond national borders, our very precious oil has won numerous and prestigious national and international awards (Leone d’oro dei Mastri oleari, Sol D’oro, Orciolo d’Oro, 3 olive Slow Food, Guide dell’olio Gambero Rosso, Ercole Olivario, Los Angeles International Competition, Der Feinshmecker). We currently supply oil to some of the best restaurants in France and some of the most prestigious shops in Paris, including “La Grande Epicerie” by the LVMH group (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton).

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